Products and Services

XIV offers new technological solutions for decoration. We offer the possibility of pressing two or multi-layer images (logo, design element, etc) into more than 120 different materials. This technology enables detailed decorations that is not possible with embroidery or pressing with colors. The process enables you to create design and patterns that are visible through light and shade without having to use colors for that effect. 

Clothes or accessories with two dimensional decorations are eye catching while not as aggressive as when it is when printed with colors. Pressing is possible on both natural and synthetic materials and of cause, on leather. The results are soft and can withstand washing and heavy use. They will not lose lift even when the item is in use.


We do have the possibility to offer an embossing/debossing service to your own materials or items but we can also offer a complete service based on your request (item+decoration). 


Our most special item is our own designed purses and laptop bags made of colored reflective fabric (including black) with embossed decorations that are visible both in the daytime as well as at night. It is possible to add clients design or logo on the bags.

Embossing and debossing is available for example on: 

• Polyester sportswear

• Softshell jackets

• Fleece

• T-shirts (both synthetic and natural materials)

• Cotton shirts

• Accessories

• Bags

• Company gifts

In addition, the technology may be used in interior design. We can produce pieces of soft furniture with client's logo or design on it and deliver the finished product, complete with pressed images. But we can also provide services to press on clients materials. This gives a whole new way to add decorations to interior elements and to create complete room designs. Anything from framed artwork to bedheads, wall panels, decorative pillows and sofas can be decorated with these embossed/debossed images, no matter if natural materials or synthetic. No glues or flammable substances have been used in the process of embossing/debossing so the furniture may also be used in hotels and marine interiors.

Felt and other materials
Unusual materials
Leather, artificial leather and vinyl
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