BIG NEWS! Starting from 2019 we are also offering technology!

Production is now made way much more cost efficient for everyone as the machines are available on site at your facility already starting from the beginning of 2019!

XIV machines are truly multi-functional - basically all you need is just one and what ever needs to be pressed, gets done!  

XIV technology is unique in the industry and it takes just one machine to get everything done! Cold and hot stamping is possible on almost all materials used in textile and advertising industries:


Embossing natural textiles

Debossing synthetic textiles

Embossing leather

Debossing leather

Foil stamping


Die cutting
Embossing and debossing a very wide range of materials


Our machines are fast and efficient - it takes an average of just 1-5 seconds to get an image pressed into any of the above mentioned materials!

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